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Joel on Software: Neues Buch

The software development world desperately needs better writing. If I have to read another 2000 page book about some class library written by 16 separate people in broken ESL, I’m going to flip out. If I see another hardback book about object oriented models written with dense faux-academic pretentiousness, I’m not going to shelve it any more in the Fog Creek library: it’s going right in the recycle bin. If I have to read another spirited attack on Microsoft’s buggy code by an enthusiastic nine year old Trekkie on Slashdot, I might just poke my eyes out with a sharpened pencil. Stop it, stop it, stop it!

Die komplette Einleitung gibts hier. Das Buch ist im wesentlichen eine Sammlung von aktuellen Texten rund um die Softwareentwicklung - zusammengetragen von Joel. Es finden sich unter anderem Texte von Rory Blyth, Adam Bosworth, Raymon Chen, Bruce Eckel, Paul Graham, Eric Lippert, Larry Osterman, Rick Schaut und Eric Sink.