Convert FugBugz cases to Visual Studio Online workitems

Thomas Wölfer
Thomas Wölfer

28. Juli 2017

We have been using FogBugz for several years and actually have been quite happy with it. Recently, i wanted to switch to FogBugz On Demand which is a managed service offering the same functionality. They advertise 18$/month for up to 5 users, which would have been sufficient for our needs. So i asked for a quote and let’s just say i wasn’t very happy with their response. Displeased, actually.

So instead i decided we’d use the bug/issue tracking system that comes with Visual Studio Online (Visual Studio Team Services), and which is free for up to 5 users. Of course we needed to move our data from the FogBugz database to VSO. Which, it turned out, isn’t all that hard. I’ve written a little program that does that conversion. Worked for us, should work for you, just don’t expect any error handling or suchlike.

So in case you’d also want to move off of FogBugz and into VSO: Grab the code here. It’s a VS 2015 solution and you’ll need to restore the packages before you can build it. Also, you’ll find some // TODO: parts. Those are in there to tell you what you need to do in order to make this use your credentials, your areas and suchlike.